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ZX Lidars

ZX Lidars is a leading company that manufactures and develops Doppler Lidars.
Since its establishment in 2007, it has led the industry in the field of wind measurement for wind power generation development.
The company has sold more than 3,000 Doppler Lidars worldwide and Vertical Lidar systems are main products for wind measurement onshore and offshore.

ZX Lidars

Company Overview

Headquartered Address British Redberry
Established 2007
About Businesses Doppler Lidar Manufacturing and Research and Development
Number of employees Non-disclosure
Manufacturing bases British Red berry
Stock listing Unlisted
Net sales Non-disclosure

Product Line-up

Doppler Lidar

Wind speed and wind direction are measured by observing and calculating the frequency shifted by the Doppler effect generated when a laser is irradiated in the air and hits dust and aerosols in the air.
Doppler Lidar is used to obtain environmental assessment permission and to do feasibility study for wind firm.
ZX LIDAR has onshore and offshore Doppler Lidar system and a global market share of more than 90% for offshore wind measurement.

  • ZX300
  • ZX300M

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