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Ballard Power Systems Inc.

Ballard Power Systems Inc. is a leader in Fuel Cell business, which began developing and manufacturing Fuel Cell in 1984, and is a leading company that has installed more than 2,900 machines worldwide.
"Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell" has been introduced worldwide as a back-up power supply, and it can be introduced to the Japanese market as a Fuel Cell system that meets Japanese specifications.

Ballard Power Systems Inc.

Company Overview

Headquartered Address Vancouver, Canada
Established 1984
Representative Randall MacEwen, President and Chief Executive Officer
About Businesses Fuel Cell R&D, Manufacturing, Technical Consultation
Number of employees 395 (non-consolidated)
Manufacturing bases Canada, Denmark
Stock listing NASDAQ(BLDT)
Net sales 106,327,000 USD (FY2019)

Product Line-up

Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Hydrogen is used as fuel to generate electricity.
FC is using by wide range of application, mobility such as automobiles, trucks, boats, and forklifts, as well as stationary applications such as back-up power supplies for power plants and portable base stations. It is from small output power to large output power.
The output power range is 100W to 2MW.

  • FCveloCity®-HD
  • FCgen-LCS
  • FCgen-H2PM

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