Reference Case

Reference Case of Offshore Wind Measurement (Company D)

Case Study of Offshore Wind Measurement (Company D)

TTC delivered Fuel Cell system and Doppler lidars to commercial offshore wind measurement projects.
Our Fuel Cell has been installed in all three commercial offshore wind measurement projects using offshore met masts and Doppler Lidars, which began in FY2020.


Wind Measurement by a Doppler Lidar was necessary for the environmental assessment of wind power generation, but there was no system power source for offshore, and the power supply was a problem.
In addition, frequent visits were difficult because charter ships were required up to the installation site.


A compact and transportable Fuel Cell system ensures stable and long-term power supplies at offshore.
No need for regular maintenance other than refueling, minimizing running cost.

Location Non-disclosure (Offshore)
Purpose Environmental Assessment of Wind Power Generation
Wind measurement by Doppler Lidar
Power consumption 80 to 120W (varies with temperature)
Load equipment ZX300M
Fuel Cell systems specifications Non-disclosure
Output AC100V
Methanol volume Non-disclosure
Storage amount of electricity Non-disclosure
Number of operation days Non-disclosure
Issues There is no grid power supply and it is difficult to access at site.
It is very difficult to deliver the items to site.
Solution Small and transportable Fuel Cell solves the problem.
Fuel supply is regularly accessed and handled by boats.