Reference Case

Reference Case of Onshore Wind Measurement (Company J)

Case study of onshore wind observation (Company J)

Location Tohoku region (non-powered region)
Purpose Environmental Assessment of Wind Power Generation
Implementation of wind condition observation by riders
Power consumption Average power 60W
Load equipment Wind Cube V2. 1 (manufactured by LEOSPHERE)
Fuel Cell systems specifications 2sets of EFOY 2400 Pro Duo JP (110W) are used.
Output AC100V
Methanol volume 10 L × 8 pieces (80L)
Amount of stored electricity 80,000Wh
Number of working days 56 days
Issues Areas where there is no grid power supply and access by automobiles is difficult.
In winter, snow cover is about 1.0 5m.
Solution Small and transportable Fuel Cell solution.
Fuel supply is regularly accessed and responded to by Snow Mobile.